During my time at boarding school (1985-1996) my Dad sent me two letters a week.

While that is an achievement in its own right that is not the truly astonishing thing. Each letter arrived in a unique hand painted envelope. Seven hundred hand crafted artworks which record life as it happened.

Some were about the news. Some about my life. Some about theirs. Some are “rude”. All are amazing.
We finally digitised them and I wanted to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy them. I certainly did.

Did you enjoy boarding school?
Yes. Very much so. I had a great time and feel very lucky to have been given access to a great education, great facilities and great people.
Not least I was able to make many, many mistakes in a protected environment. That in itself is priceless.

What materials were used to paint the envelopes?
Mainly watercolours and occasionally gouache. The post office often took care not to damage them. Even then ones with appendages and pop ups! They often arrived un-franked.

Did you keep them all?
Most. Initially, as an 8 year old, I didn’t really appreciate what was happening. A few got lost in my desk or torn or just disappeared. As time went on I put more effort into keeping them safe.

Did you return the compliment?
Errr. No. I was terrible. At prep school we were allocated half an hour to write home. Rather than spend the time writing the letter like a decent human being I would mess around. Doing what I have no idea.

To avoid detection I would put a blank piece of paper in an envelop to “hand in”.
Can you imagine the disappointment. Makes me cringe.

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